The pleasure of discovery

The discovery of places and nature is always a pleasure. You can walk in the delicate valleys,  clothed by dense vegetation on the slopes or take a stroll along the river banks, or trek on the mountain ridges.

The Lucan territory meets the needs of all adventure and sport lovers, in fact it is possible to experiences hiking and biking along the plot of internal routes, on the alternation of gentle and extreme slopes that alternate in the tangle of streets.
In summer, the river Lao, welcomes those who want to experience the thrill of rafting. Those who prefer to fly aparaglider, instead, can do it among the cliffs and canyons and above the blue horizon of the sea.

In winter, when the snow whitens the landscape, it is the right time to go skiing.

Try to fly

Above the Lucanian Dolomites, in the heart of Basilicata, a steel cable suspended between the peaks of two villages, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, allows you to make and live a unique experience: the Angel Flight.

It is an attractor, a new concept, which allows an innovative enjoyment of the  environmental heritage, answering to a new need and a new way of understanding leisure and entertainment, aimed to make new experiences and  seek new emotions. An adventure in contact with nature  in a unique landscape you will discover the true soul of the region.

Safely tied with a harness and fastened to a steel cable, the visitor will experience, for a few minutes, the thrill of flying and will slip into a fantastic adventure, world unique for the beauty of its landscape and height of overflight.