Pollino National Park

Intact and wild, it offers an extraordinary variety of beautiful and fascinating landscapes and environments. It is Basilicata’s highest peak, the meeting point between  heaven and earth, as well as the largest national park in Italy which has a real botanical rarity: the Loricate pine, a particular creature that seems to be made of rock and wind. Its enormous roots penetrate deep into the rock layers, allowing it to climb ridges, cliffs and slopes in far-fetched positions. The wind, heavy rains and snow mold the incredible twisting trunk and branches. Its bark engraves deeply to form the typical “loriche” –  named after the pattern on the plate armor of the Roman soldiers.

Pollino is the land of great forests and hot springs and ancient rites, handed down and repeated like chants, home and garden of the gods of mythology, an high altitude natural balcony for those who choose to let your eyes wander above that fine boundary between the sea and the infinite.

The fall for a spring mountain Sirino

A show that is renewed each spring. After the winter and the snow fell on massif Sirino, extreme southern peak of the Lucanian Apennines of Val d’Agri Lagonegrese National Park, with the rising of temperatures and the arrival of summer, what was snow in the beginning turns into thundering waterfalls capable of silencing all with their extraordinary beauty.
From its vast prairies and bare summit, the view extends to the Gulf of Policastro: pinnacles and steep wooded mountains of La Spine and Zaccana, the imposing plateau of Pollino, the vast, pristine forest of Magnano, the steep foothills of the mountain Alps, the Raparo and the vast, green valleys of Diano and Agri.

Blue sea and the myth of singin

Thirty-five kilometers of coast, mostly wild, set between the blue deep sea and the bright green of the Mediterranean Sea. Endless stretches of golden sand and the constant motion of the waves over a large scape of untouched water, today like thousands of years ago, continues to sing the myth of stories of deities and philosophers, heroes and leaders, and make the heart of Magna Grecia beat.
In fact, there are many evidences that the Greek civilization, landed on these shores, has left on these lands an array of temples, theaters, necropolis, agoras.  All beautiful archaeological jewels which enrich the historical value of this natural incredible region.

An ideal destination for those who need to combine relaxation of the sea and sun, with art and culture.